Saturday, March 12, 2011

Our 26th week! March 7-11

We can almost pretend that it's spring :)  The grass is greening, there is a red haze in the woods from the swelling maple buds, robins visit our yard during the day, and the witch hazel around the corner is in bloom!

School went well this week, despite having to adjust our schedule for my monthly coffee with friends (Daddy wasn't available to teach so Daisy took her books and work to her little cousin's house for a few hours) and the very last Math Olympiad test of the year.

I finally typed up the Human Odyssey Vol. 1 and The World in Ancient Times / The Medieval and Early Modern World schedule we've been using this year.  It's found in a separate page here on the blog---check the top bar for the link.  I'm going to add the supplemental resources we've used as well, but those probably won't be added until later this coming week.

The school work wasn't very photogenic this week.  My apologies!

Daisy has finally hit the first roadblock of her life in math----solving inequalities using multiplication and division.  The concept of having to flipflop the inequality sign was apparently mindblowing.  We will spend Monday on additional problems until she totally gets the concept. 

She did some ratio and proportion problems from her competition math books on Wednesday and Thursday.  Math Olympiad ended with cookies brought by other kids.  She informed me that next year she would be providing the treat one month.  I was asked by the Math Olympiad coordinator to assume leadership next year but I had to decline.  I cannot in good conscience sign the Statement of Faith required by all in leadership and told her so.  Oh well.

We finished Chapter 9 (Earth and Time) and moved into Chapter 10 (Inside Earth) this week.  On Monday, we learned about using tree ring data to date trees, and to understand climate, ecology, and past civilizations.  Daisy completed the chapter activity on relative and absolute dating.  Tuesday was the Chapter 9 assessment.  Wednesday was a full science day:  Investigation 10A using balls, fruit and a boiled age to create models of the earth; Bill Nye "Earth's Crust" dvd; and investigating Mount St. Helens pre- and post-1980 eruption.  Thursday Daisy read and discussed the first section in Chapter 10 (Sensing Earth's Interior), learning about p-waves, s-waves and seismology.  Then Friday we woke to the news of the earthquake in Japan and resulting tsunami---------that became science for the day.

The week Daisy completed the study of the medieval Islamic world with the expansion of the empire to the year 1000(ish).  She learned about Islamic scholarship, mathematics, medicine, art and mosques.

Books used this week include The African and Middle Eastern World 600-1500, Avicenna (Ibn Sina) Muslim Physician and Philosopher of the Eleventh Century by Aisha Khan, and Mosque by David Macaulay.

I spent many hours this week researching fiction books for the medieval period.  Daisy prefers to read books with strong female protagonists, which complicated the search somewhat.  With the aid of wonderful posters on the logic stage subforum of the Well-Trained Mind forums, I've come up with a great list for the rest of the year.  Having an extensive library system to draw from is such a gift!

The rest of the schoolwork was really boring and I don't feel like writing about it lol.

Much free time was spent again perusing Steven Caney's Ultimate Building Book.  I think we'll have to add a copy to our home library.

Daisy is away camping with her Girl Scout troop this weekend.  They're working on "camp skills" like cooking in coals, in a box oven, and on sticks!  Daisy and Daddy packed all her gear into the smallest backpack.  Here she is trying it on:

Best of the week: science.  It was a nice hands-on-y week.
Worst of the week: I'm still not feeling 100% healthy.  Stupid cough.
Looking forward to: Pi Day on Monday, learning about medieval Africa, visiting the library multiple times to pick up all the items requested this week, and planting pansies!

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  1. Wow, what a productive week! She looks like she's going to topple over backwards with the backpack. :)

    I had to find out more about the Ultimate Building Book after reading your post--it looks like something that would fascinate my boys. Our library has it, so I'll have to check it out!