Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Planning for next year (6th grade)

It's hard to believe I have to plan already for our second homeschooling year.  It seems like I just finished planning for this year!  Some subject are all planned, one subject is purchased, but others are still uncertain.

First the planned:

  • Art of Problem Solving Introductory Algebra (website), most likely only the chapters that correspond to traditional Algebra 1 (I think to around chapter 15 or 16)
  • finishing up Ed Zaccaro's Challenge Math (though we might finish this year)
  • continuing with competition math books such as Math Olympiad Contest Problems Vol. 2 and Competition Math for Middle School
  • continuing with Patty Paper Geometry
  • Math Olympiad with the homeschool group
  • I will investigate the possiblity of MathCounts.
  • Continuing with CPO Science, Daisy will use CPO Life Science.
  • I'll teach her botany from my class resources. 
  • Science Olympaid (division B) with the homeschool group
  • K12's The Human Odyssey Vol. 2: Our Modern World 1400-1914  (purchased!)
  • Oxford University Press series The Medieval and Early Modern World (library)
  • other library resources including but not limited to Calliope magazine issues, biographies, documentaries on DVD, and historical fiction
  • We will finish  So You Really Want to Learn French Book 1  from Galore Park (we're learning French together).
  • We will start Book 2.
  • I will try to track down some French language stories/books not written for an early elementary audience...
And the uncertain:

English/Language Arts
  • vocabulary: Sadlier-Oxford Vocabulary Workshop B and perhaps Vocabulary Workshop C
  • grammar:  ?????  continue with Voyages in English/Exercises in English ?????
  • writing:  in search of a formal writing program.  Will check all sources in person at the Northeast Homeschool Convention in June.
The Non-Academic
  • ballet
  • flute---I need to find an ensemble that we can afford and that doesn't meet on Saturdays (ballet conflict).
  • art---all local art classes for homeschoolers are scheduled for mornings, which I keep sacred for schoolwork (unless it's my monthly coffee with my friends haha).  I think I might get Artistic Pursuits for next year.


  1. Looks like you have a GREAT year planned. How do you like Galore Park's French? I am thinking about using it next year.

  2. Hi Karen,

    I have been so fortunate to find this blog and you on the WTM forums. I am moving into Middle Ages next year combining History Odyssey Level 2 with OUP 7 Volume Set and Human Odyssey. I found your first schedule using Human Odyssey & OUP Middle Ages. Since we had been using SOTW our schedule is a bit behind yours. Any chance you might be able to share your upcoming schedule for next year's history? I would love to see the fictional books and documentaries you are choosing as well. You are doing an amazing job putting things together.. now I just need to learn! ;-)