Thursday, October 7, 2010

Thrifty Thursday---coupon plans and a free rain barrel!

In an attempt to regain at least a part of my pre-homeschooling life, I'm going to post a "my frugal life" update each Thursday.  Why Thursday?  Well, that's when the grocery chains update the online ads for the next cycle, which begin on Fridays, AND the day the local free paper is available.  Some weeks the local paper is a great source for coupons! 

I just checked the online coupon previews and the Smart Source for this Sunday doesn't contain anything that would make me go check the newspaper boxes downtown.  The ads for Pathmark and SuperFresh are equally disappointing.  The turkey promo doesn't start until next week, bummer.  ShopRite isn't starting until 10/17!

Acme's ad isn't up yet but online chatter shows a ConAgra buy $25/get $10 oyno.   I have 3 gallons of Wesson canola oil and about 40 boxes of Swiss Miss hot cocoa (yum, mocha!) for the kids from last winter's ConAgra fest---------I rolled those cats all week long, spending maybe $5 total out-of-pocket including non-ConAgra items (veg, fruit, dairy).  That was a fun week!  But this time, nothing is jumping out at me.  The sale prices on items we'd use (Wesson, Pillsbury flour, Pam spray) seem high, and without good coupons the price spread between the regular shelf price and the sale-price-after-coupons isn't large enough to work out to free items.  But I've been wrong before, so I'll reserve judgement until reports come back tomorrow from early Acme shoppers.

Last night I was one of 25 lucky city residents to receive a free 55gal rain barrel!  A few weeks ago, an email was sent from the city advertising a free storm water management seminar through the county extension service.  The first 25 residents to register would receive a free rain barrel, with others receiving info on how to make one themselves.  I called within 45 minutes of the email being sent and was 24 of 25!!  I'm so happy I decided to look at email that day during lunch as I've been wanting a rain barrel for YEARS.   I'd love to have several in the back, one by the hops and herbs and two connected in series by the veggie garden, just for starters.

Check out this beauty:

We'll put it up on cinder blocks and use the bottom outlet for a hose.  The midsection outlet will be used eventually to connect this barrel to another.  We'll chose one of the top outlets for an overflow hose to direct excess water away from the house.  The top of the barrel is a fixed lid with three screened holes---no insects to worry about.

There's only about 4 weeks left for this rain barrel season....but we'll be well-equipped for next spring!

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