Thursday, October 14, 2010

Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire field trip

Last week we visited the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire on their Elementary School Day.  The activities were geared to the 3rd-6th grade crowd yet there were kids in attendance of all ages from public schools, private schools and homeschools.  Mike said the crowd was much lighter than during the Middle School Days he had attended with Older Brother and Older Sister two and four years ago.  This was our first event with the local homeschooling group and won't be our last.

After Daisy was grossed out by the sword swallower, we watched the pottery demonstration.  It was fascinating to watch him throw a pot without looking at his own hands!  At the same time, there was a craftsman handcarving a wooden spoon.  Had the wooden spoons been for sale, I would have purchased one immediately.

We walked through all of the shopping areas, checking out the handiwork and the wide assortment of "made in" items.  Despite stopping at every single stall and booth, Daisy resisted the call to spend her money.  She instead chose to have some fun at the games.

First she tried her hand at the crossbow:

Then she tried the regular bow.  This was a much stronger bow than Older Brother's old one and took much effort to shoot:

Finally, she climbed the two Jacob's Ladders.  The easy side was quite easy and she clambered up that ladder.  Next she tried the more difficult side.  I was sure she'd tip over onto the hay below:

but she rang the bell!  Huzzah!

After the games, we wandered through the food stalls as Mike enjoyed a pickle-on-a-stick:

Daisy ate chicken nuggets and curly fries <rolling eyes> and Mike had a bratwurst basket.  I was going to get a chicken cheesesteak after we watched the human chess game and visited some more stalls.  We were on a mission from Older Sister to find a good mask for her.  The Homecoming Dance at her school is themed "masquerade" this year.  She and I were planning on trying to make a mask...  I was thrilled we found a great black with gold mask instead!  Daisy tried a few one while I agonized over the choices for Older Sister:

There wasn't enough time to get my lunch before grabbing seats for the final jousting event.  We had pretty good seats near the middle of the arena

where we were able to watch the Queen address the two knights

and their "seconds"

Great excitement!

I couldn't get pictures of the swordplay that followed the jousting as all the kids in front of us stood to watch it.  We were able to watch it, though.

After all the excitement, we went in search of my chicken cheesesteak.  Alas, that shop was closed!  I consoled myself with The Most Amazing Caramel Apple ever, dipped in caramel and rolled in teeny chocolate chips and chopped peanuts, for only $1.00.  Calories well spent, imho.

I think we'll return to the RenFaire next year!  Mike wants to go in costume...


  1. Looks like a lot of fun. We all had a great time at a Renaissance Faire last year and hope we can get there again in the next few weeks.

  2. What fun and it is in Pennsylvania?? Well, maybe we can go next year! :) It's only a state away...
    The carmel apple sounds delicious indeed! Mmmmmm!
    Human Chess sounds interesting -- was someone(s) directing? Or did everyone get a turn to move?
    Yay for climbing the ladder and ringing the bell. I've never figured out the secret to it! Is it just speed? Not that I'll be trying it again. LOL